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The Impact of Generative AI on Procurement & the Supply Chain

Procurement and supply chain processes are constantly evolving, and with the rise of new technologies, it is important for CPO’s to stay ahead of the curve. With the advancements in machine learning and data analysis, Generative AI has opened up a whole new world of possibilities in terms of efficiency, cost savings, and innovation in the procurement and supply chain industry. The adoption of generative AI in procurement and the supply chain also brings challenges, such as data security and privacy concerns, ethical considerations, and the need for AI expertise within the procurement department. CPOs must also ensure that the AI solutions they implement align with their organization’s values and long-term objectives. CPOs are expected to embrace these technologies to lead their organizations to more agile and data-driven procurement processes, ultimately contributing to improved competitiveness and resilience in today’s business landscape.
    Key topics will include:
  • Latest trends and insights driving the agendas of procurement leaders and CPOs in 2023
  • Top Generative AI use cases in procurement and supply chain management from procurement leaders
  • How JAGGAER has embraced this rapidly evolving technological landscape through our Autonomous Commerce strategy
  • What to expect in 2023 and beyond

Why should you attend?

Our CPO roundtable will offer you a unique opportunity to meet with your peers and address the major challenges you’ve faced and the ones you anticipate through your procurement journey. To assess where you are on the scale of digitalization, what is required to elevate to the next level and how best to leverage innovative technology to build supply chain resilience and deliver against your business goals.

Benefits of Attending

Gain valuable insights on how to leverage Generative AI to stay ahead of the competition and drive efficiency in your business operations.

Benchmark your company’s procurement strategy against industry leaders.

Analyze the supply chain disruptions and realize possible solutions.

Review technology that can address all your needs within the procurement landscape.

Understand how to report on the value that procurement brings the larger business

Schedule plan


  • 28th November 

10:00 – 10:30


10.30 – 11.10

The Impact of Generative AI in Procurement & Supply Chain

11.10 – 11.30

Interactive Panel Discussion

11.30 – 11.45

Coffee break

11.45 – 12.30

Digital Mind Demo

12.30 – 13.30

Lunch & Networking

Our Speakers

who is speaking?

Francesco Colavita

Global Vice President PreSales Consulting

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Who will Attend

Senior officials with below job titles from leading organisations in the UAE

About Jaggaer

JAGGAER is leading the Autonomous Commerce revolution, a self-governing B2B commerce experience between buyers, suppliers, things (IoT) and partners. Over $500 billion worth of goods flow frictionlessly through our Enterprise Commerce Network every year. Leveraging AI and machine learning, our intelligent procurement solutions provide enterprise buyers and suppliers smart-match recommendations that align buyer needs with supplier capabilities. Our solutions autonomously execute many of the repetitive, behind-the-scenes tasks required to facilitate enterprise commerce. We are Networked, Intelligent, Comprehensive and Extensible. We are over 1,200 employees strong, all focused on customer success.

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